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From team-building events to conferences to lunch-time singing breaks in a high-stress workplace, Shilpa can create and lead a specially-designed singing workshop for your organisation or event.

Often, conferences and team-building days are quite heavy on words and seriousness. A singing workshop is a great anti-dote, providing a fun energy boost for participants. A singing workshop (and impromptu performance if appropriate!) can create a memorable moment at your event.

Singing workshops are also a great way to inject some fun and self-care into a regular work day, especially for staff in highly stressful jobs or jobs which involve caring for others.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss a tailor-made workshop for our organisation or event.

Black Feminists Workshop

Shilpa closes a Black Feminists performance night at the Royal Festival Hall by getting everyone up on their feet to sing. Photo by Serena Newbury