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Why sing?

Singing together makes us feel good
It’s not just about making nice sounds - it’s about feeling excited and relaxed and having fun

Singing together is good for our health and wellbeing
Singing can decrease stress and support good mental health. It can help us breathe deeply and increase lung capacity. Singing has even been found to help people to manage chronic pain.

Singing together can change lives
Singing together in a supportive group atmosphere can help us be more relaxed, inspired and connected. And as we use our voices more, singing can help to build confidence

‘My Heart Sings workshops lift my mood and bring the colour back into life when I’m feeling weighted down and overwhelmed’ – a nurse in North London

What do we sing? 
Songs from around the world.... easy to learn songs.... songs in easy parts and harmonies... seasonal songs..... songs of celebration.... songs from protest movements.... songs telling a story... silly songs... folk, reggae, jazz, pop, soul, gospel.... simple songs, slightly more challenging songs.... a real mix, basically. Tunes that you will find yourself humming all week! For updates, check out our blog

My Hearts Sings tries hard to be accessible to everyone – and not just because we don’t want to reinforce social inequalities in the way we operate. Community singing is at its most magical and powerful when it includes people from all walks of life. Diversity is the biggest strength of My heart Sings groups.

My Heart Sings sessions are designed to be welcoming to everyone whatever their background, ability, income or singing experience. There is a tiered pricing system, based on what you can afford and the first session is free. We hold our regular group sessions in Wheelchair accessible community centres. Children are welcome to join with an accompanying adult. No prior knowledge of singing is assumed. If you’re thinking about joining and would like to discuss your access needs, please contact Shilpa

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About Shilpa
Like so many people, I grew up believing she couldn’t sing. I took a leap and tried community singing at the age of 23. I discovered that using my voice didn’t have to be scary! Singing has helped me to build confidence and happiness and I'm passionate about sharing this with others.

I have trained in the ‘Natural Voice’ tradition of teaching singing, incorporating an awareness of the body and breath into non-judgemental group singing. I started My Heart Sings in London, UK in 2013 to bring people together to sing more regularly.

I have Indian and Kenyan family roots. As well as song-leading, I work as a trainer and facilitator with community groups, campaigning organisations and schools. I love the Sister Act films, Bollywood dancing, growing veg and cooking.

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